Engineering & design

Engineering & Design -
Propane Systems

Our team of in-house engineers and designers have years of experience with LP-Gas systems and equipment. We provide the types of drawings required by State Fire Marshals, county or city regulatory agencies for purposes of permits and approvals.

SES realizes the importance of safety when dealing with propane systems and it all begins with the design phase of any project.  Our engineering group has evolved into one of the premier safety departments in the industry. Building extra safeguards into every project as if it was their own. We can provide safety analysis on your system as well as safety training for your personnel.

Engineering & design

Our Auto-Cad drawings are completed on the very latest editions available. Our drawings and knowledge of all of the rules and regulations cited in NFPA #58, state agencies and local ordinances, makes working with you to gain proper approvals and permitting an almost effortless endeavor.

SES prides itself on being one of the few propane system
specialists with licensed engineers on their staff.
We go the extra mile for you every time.

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