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The Waterbath Vaporizer

At SES, we understand the need to customize vaporizers to meet specific application requirements. We also realize that Peak Shaving in Utility applications requires a far great utilization of a propane system than the incidental industrial stand-by customer.

The number of industrial stand-by customers far exceeds the Utility applications in the U.S., consequently the LP-Gas vaporizers manufactured today are designed and built with the industrial customer base in mind. Most units can be depended on to supply stand-by fuel for a few days a year, if even called on to perform this often. The Utility customer, however, may need to run the Peak Shaving unit for weeks or even months at a time. The equipment available to the Utility has been, and continues to be, the same unit utilized by this incidental stand-by application...until now!

Compare the specs of the waterbath vaporizer to anything else on the market. We're sure that you will agree that this is the only equipment that will meet your needs and demands. Compare the features...even the base weight of the unit is indicative of the durability and unsurpassed quality that goes into each waterbath vaporizer unit.

Standard Features

  • Largest Heat Exchange Area
  • Highest Quality Epoxy Paint
  • Power Burner/Flame Safeguard
  • Full Size Door with Lock
  • Interior Cabinet Light
  • Simple Water/Glycol Solution
  • Tig Welded Piping
  • Forged Steel Components
  • Largest Waterbath Capacity
  • 1/4" Thick Steel Shell
  • Insulation on Sides and Top
  • Optional ASME Tube Bundle
All Waterbath Vaporizer Owners

A Propane Waterbath Vaporizer utilizes a glycol/water solution as a heat sink to promote the vaporization of propane.

This glycol solution whether it be propylene or ethylene is used for its anti-freeze characteristics. This waterbath solution also contains a rust inhibitor to protect the unit against rust and premature decay of fittings, pumps, valves, etc. in the unit.

This anti-freeze, just as in your car, needs to be replaced on a regular basis to ensure that the rust inhibiting additive and the freeze/overheating protection is still doing their jobs to protect your equipment. This maintenance on your waterbath vaporizer is imperative to the safety and reliability of the unit.

Antifreeze/coolant experts have a warning for those neglecting their cooling systems. "Most people have some idea that antifreeze/coolant helps prevent the system from freezing up or boiling over. Few people understand that the coolant also contains special chemical additives to prevent serious damage from rust and corrosion. However, over time, the additives wear out. This depleted coolant becomes acidic and can actually corrode the metals in the cooling system. And here's where your trouble often starts."

SES is committed to providing our customers with the information and service they need for a safe and dependable system.  Please contact SES today to schedule a test on your glycol solution and a flush and replacement where warranted.

Click on image for a larger view of the vaporizer:

SES waterbath vaporizer SES waterbath vaporizer SES waterbath vaporizer SES waterbath vaporizer SES waterbath vaporizer SES waterbath vaporizer
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