Rail Towers


Portable Railcar Towers

The Superior Energy Systems Rail Tower uses a 25 hp Corken 691 compressor. This is electric motor driven, but can be fitted with engine drive. It will load a standard transport in 45 to 50 minutes from a rail car, using a single 2 liquid hose from the rail car to the truck.   System features:

Remote Shutdown     Pull away protection on the truck and rail car connections      Meets all DOT requirements.



Commercial Specification-General Description

The manufactured railcar loading platform consists of an elevated portable platform with one cantilevered walkway, fall protection and stairs to access the upper level. The work platform is at the same height as the top-operating platform of a propane tank car. A spring loaded cantilevered walkway allows the operator easy, safe access from the transfer unit to the tank car. The unit uses LPG Industry standard transfer equipment and safety devices.


Trailer mounted, ballast weighted, elevated work area, with fall protection and stairs for easy access. NOTE this trailer is not an over the roads trailer and is for use a low speeds with foam filled tires.


Rail Tower

Rail Tower

Operating Controls

Elevated and ground level operation controls for operating systems. Emergency controls located at strategic locations on unit.

Transfer Piping and Hoses

Upper level tank car product line with hose, Acme connectors and ball valves, Ground
level tank truck vapor or product line with Acme connectors and ball valves

Rail Tower

Emergency Product Controls

Pneumatically operated emergency shut off valves on transfer lines. Safety pull-away connectors on product lines for tank truck and tank car.

Fire Suppression Systems

20 lb. ABC hand-held fire extinguishers.

Remote ESD Station

The system will be equipped with a remote pneumatic shutdown required by code

Rail Car Connector

  • Rail Car ESD Pneumatic Valve
  • Truck ESD Pneumatic Valve
  • One Corken or equal Gas Compressor with 15 HP Electric Motor

The unit will have a tool box and all the tools required to load and gauge a rail car.

Rail Tower

Unit Performance

The portable transfer will utilize the vapor compressor to off load rail cars at a rate of approximately 150 gpm.

Rail Tower
Rail Tower
Rail Tower
Rail Tower
Rail Tower
Rail Tower
Rail Tower
Rail Tower
Rail Tower
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