Odorant Injection and Metering Skids / Specialty Projects

Metering Skids

If you are considering the idea of maximizing the utilization of your existing system but would need to add metering capabilities, Superior Energy Systems can handle that quite easily for you. We manufacture a metering skid that can literally almost be dropped into your current loading configuration to allow for whatever type of metering you want. It can be as simple as a BOL ticket meter to one that is linked to your inventory system or your billing department. It can be equipped with “brains” that allows only pre-approved drivers to load or even vehicles. Let one of our sales personnel show you just all that we can provide for your metered operation.

Odorant Skids

If you have decided that you would like the ability to inject more odorant into your product before it goes out to your customer base to go that extra mile in your product offering, SES can help. You guessed it, Superior Energy Systems manufactures a skid mounted odorant inject system. Basically a drop-in module that allows for metered application of odorant into the product about to be loaded. Especially in rail supplied product some of our customers have elected to play it safe and add another dose of odorant into the product that they will be delivering or allowing to be loaded at their site. For more information give us a call today. 


Specialty Projects

Superior Energy Systems has the engineering experience and the fabrication capabilities to assist you in completing most any type of project you might have.

Pictured here is a system that we make for Kidde. It is used in the training of all types of airport fire personnel on proper techniques for fighting an airplane fire. It starts varying sizes of fires in different parts of the airplane so that the personnel can gain actual fire fighting experience of different types, sizes and locations on an airplane.

Superior Energy Systems has these units placed all over the country for this important training provided by Kidde.


specialty project for Kidde

specialty projects specialty projects
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