SES is the industry’s only source for turnkey autogas dispensing systems. We offer the flexibility to customize the system to meet your needs, and we’ll be there after the installation for support and service.

  • Our system is 100% compatible with current fuel management systems.
  • Multi-Feature Dispenser. Pull-away protection, low-E filling, heavyduty steel construction and powder coating.
  • In full compliance with all applicable NFPA standards.
  • UL and CSA Listed units that can be placed on fuel islands with other fuel dispensers.
  • High-Visibility Display Panel. We’ve made it easy to read the digital LCD display of gallons delivered, flow rate (GPM), liquid temperature and more.
  • Control System for Fleet-Specific Operations. Use key cards, credit cards or magnetic swipe cards; all transactions can be processed through a printer.
  • Temperature-Compensated Meter. Ensures correct liquid measurement for billing purposes.
  • SES Advanced Technology. We’ve designed and manufactured an advanced dispensing unit that’s as easy to operate as a conventional gas pump.
  • Totally secure, encrypted built-in fuel management system, with eight addressable fields for data collection. Get your fleet moving with propane power. Contact SES today by calling 440-236-6009, or contact us at: autogas@superiornrg

SES sets the standard for propane AutoGas dispensers!

Standard Dispensing Units Available

picture of autogas dispensers by superior energy

An Introduction to our Autogas Dispensers

Superior Energy Systems engineers and manufactures a wide range of certified turnkey propane autogas dispensing systems that are safe, secure and simple to use.

Our propane autogas dispensing systems can easily be installed as a private or public station. They may be placed on a fuel island with any other type of fuel dispenser, including gasoline, diesel and other alternative fuels.

The propane autogas dispensing systems operate much like a gasoline pump, and have added safety features such as pull-away protection and heavy-duty steel construction.

The units comply with all applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and are Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed and Canadian Standards Associated (CSA)-approved. All dispensers are powder coated, providing an attractive exterior.

We offer a low, affordable base price, with a variety of options to fit customer specifications. Below are the dispensers and portable infrastructure we offer.

picture of pro-vend 1000 autogas dispenser by superior energy

PRO-Vend 1000

PRO-Vend 1000 Ul ApprovedCSA Logo

The PRO-Vend 1000 is the standard platform for all Superior Energy Systems PRO-Vend propane autogas dispensers. It meets the guidelines set forth in UL Standard 495 and the CSA Canadian Standard, making it the right choice for states and jurisdictions with those requirements. The system’s MID:COM display panel and electronics are easy to read and use. The unit does not offer built-in fuel management system, but can connect to any external fuel management system available today.
PRO-Vend1000 Dispenser Brochure

picture of pro-vend 2000 autogas dispenser by superior energy

PRO-Vend 2000

PRO-Vend 2000

The PRO-Vend 2000 is a fully integrated, customizable web-based propane autogas fuel dispenser that’s simple for fleet operators and drivers to use. A secure web-based fuel management system operates from a built-in Windows-based PC. It can track key data like driver and vehicle identification, vehicle mileage, and gallons pumped — for virtually unlimited numbers of vehicles, drivers and customers. Fleet operators can create customizable reports with the PRO-Vend 2000 without the need to purchase and install separate technology. The self-contained touch screen system has a built-in fueling video monitor ideal for driver training and friendly fueling reminders.

The fuel management system uses Internet connection; website setup and hosting fees may apply. PRO-Vend2000 Dispenser Brochure

picture of pro-vend dual hose autogas dispenser by superior energy

PRO-Vend Dual Hose

PRO-Vend Dual Hose

Fuel two vehicles at the same time with the PRO-Vend Dual Hose dispenser. A dual meter and two registers allow for easy refueling on either side of an island. The PRO-Vend Dual Hose can be configured as a stand-alone PRO-Vend 1000 dispenser with an external fuel management system, or as a PRO-Vend 2000 unit that includes fuel management system technology. PRO-Vend-dualhose Dispenser Brochure

picture of pro-vend 3000 autogas dispenser by superior energy

PRO-Vend 3000

PRO-Vend 3000

Ideal for small fleets that don’t require fuel tracking or monitoring, the PRO-Vend 3000 is a simple-to-use propane autogas dispenser with a mechanical temperature compensated meter. It can be configured with a non- temperature-compensated meter upon request. PRO-Vend3000 Dispenser Brochure

picture of pro-vend 3000p autogas dispenser by superior energy

PRO-Vend 3000 P

PRO-Vend 3000-P

The PRO-Vend 3000-P is a portable propane autogas dispensing station designed for easy towing and temporary set up for autogas fueling. The unit includes an on-board propane-fueled generator to provide fueling up to six gallons per minute; a low- or no-emission fuel pump nozzle, and a 500- or 1,000-gallong storage container. The completely self-contained unit offers on-board vehicle protection. This short-term fueling solution meets all NFPA codes and standards. Leasing options are available. PRO-Vend3000P Dispenser Brochure

Additional Dispensing Unit Options

Additional options on our propane autogas dispenser platforms include:

  • Credit card reader. (Note: Internet hosting and management fees may apply.)
  • Transaction receipt printer.
  • 1,000-gallon tank and skid addition to base tank.
  • High pressure pumping systems.
  • Hose retractor.
  • Third party fuel management system connections (available for the PRO-Vend 1000 only).

Contact us today at (440) 236-6009 to learn more or to get a consultation and quote.

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