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SES Handheld BTU Indicator

The Superior Energy Systems handheld BTU monitor is a maintenance tool designed to indicate the quality of propane/air mixture produced by a mixer or blender. The meter utilizes a high accuracy Oxygen sensor to determine the percentage of air in the mixture. A processor chip then calculates the percentage of propane in the mixture, and then calculates and displays the BTU value of the mixture.

The display is three digit, and indicates BTU values from 000 to 250. An additional zero is added to the end to read actual BTU. For example, a display of 145 indicates a BTU value of 1450 BTU per cubic foot of propane/air mixture.

The meter has rapid response to change, and requires only two calibration adjustments. Initial setup requires running pure propane through the meter, and adjusting the span screw to give an indication of 250. The second adjustment is for zero, and requires pumping pure air through the meter utilizing the hand held pressure bulb, and adjusting the zero knob to obtain a reading of 000.

After initial full calibration, the operator needs only to pump air through the meter, and adjust the zero setting prior to sampling the propane/air mixture.

There is a flow meter built into the meter. When sampling propane/air mixtures, the inlet valve should be throttled as required to keep the flow meter ball at the flow line. This provides sufficient flow to have quick response to change.

BTU IndicatorBTU Indicator
BTU IndicatorBTU Indicator
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